May 4, 2017

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Current population is enjoying the benefits of longer healthier lives due to use of anti-hypertensive and lipid lowering medicines, the advanced management of diabetes etc. Which results in being able to live with these conditions relatively symptom free. However the rise in the above diseases contribute to a secondary problem; the narrowing of the arteries, especially those of small diameter like the penile artery. This is a growing issue and many men are suffering in silence unnecessarily.

Much effort and research contributed into different modalities for treatment of this problem. In the 80’s Papaverine was introduced by injecting the corpora of the penis to induce erection, this was painful, with the repeated injection fibrosis occurred leading to deformities of the penis, Alprostadil replace the papaverine with better result and less side effects but still has to be injected into the penis.
Then there came a wave of oral treatments introduced in the 90’s with three different components (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil). These oral tablets made a revolution for the treatment of the sexual dysfunction. Encouraging many patients to come forward and seek investigation and treatment.

All the above modalities address the reduction of the blood flow, but did not address the main cause.
Recently, with the inspiration of the shock wave lithotripsy (that breaks kidney stones), on smaller scale a machine was designed to work on the deposits and calcification that are a direct cause of smaller and lesser functioning penile blood vessels; directing the shock wave into the blood vessel, to break all the cholesterol deposits and concretion, increasing the capacity of the blood vessel to allow the blood to flow.

Many Centers around the world are adopting treating erectile dysfunction with this machine with very encouraging results.
Our protocol is a dual therapy oral Sildenafil 5 mg daily for three months with two sessions of extra corporeal therapy per week for six weeks then one maintenance therapy, one session per month.

Dr Nabil Mitry, FRCS, E.d
Urologist / General Surgeon
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