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Why Choose Our Clinic?


With a well-built infrastructure, the latest medical equipment, and the best urologist, British Day Surgical Centre is committed to offering world-class surgeries and medical treatments in Dubai.

qualified doctors

Highly Qualified Team

The specialists and professionals at our urology clinic are best from the fields of medicine in terms of qualification and experience.

compassionate care

Compassionate Care

We have a team of experienced doctors, nurses and medical staff, who create a completely friendly and positive environment for the patient.

24x7 emergency services

24x7 Emergency

Emergency services by qualified medical professionals and specialists are available round-the-clock at our urology hospital in Dubai.

Specialized Urology Clinic Dubai

As urology involves intensive clinical or surgical procedures, simply searching ‘urology hospital near me’ is not the ideal way. You need the best urologist in Dubai to be sure of receiving safe healthcare solutions. British Day Surgical Centre is a leading urology hospital in Dubai, well-equipped to treat various diseases related to the urinary tracts, reproductive systems and other complicated bodily conditions. Through our patient-centric diagnostics and modern treatments, we try to offer complete healing and cure at our medical center in the UAE. To provide industry-best medical care, we have a team of experienced surgeons and medical practitioners who are highly-skilled and experienced in offering quality medical services.


With early detection of the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms, every urology doctor at our specialty in Dubai try to ensure complete eradication of the disease. By adopting various state-of-the-art technologies and latest healthcare techniques, we constantly update our treatment methods and machineries to offer better medical services at our urology hospital. Apart from being a popular urology clinic in Dubai, we also provide a wide range of cosmetic surgeries and liposuction to meet the varied aesthetic treatment needs of our clients.


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Our professional COVID-19 testing services are conducted by authorized and well-trained staff members to ensure that you receive accurate results swiftly. Book your test now or talk to a consultant today to learn more.


Empowering Men With Personal Health & Wellness

Our professional and experienced specialists are chosen for excellence as they help enhance your personal health with strict adherence to confidentiality, in cases where need be. Talk to our team and get the most appropriate advice for all your concerns.

male impotence

Sexual Dysfunction

Cure faster and get the right treatment for ED and other male infertility problems with complete attention and intimacy.

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STD and STI Testing

STD/STI Testing

We offer the most dependable, trusted and confidential STD / STI Testing for commonly-occurring STD diseases. 

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vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy Reversal

Step in to undo a vasectomy through a quick-recovery treatment by our expert doctors and surgeons. 

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The Heart Of Your Healthcare 

British Day Surgical Centre is committed and passionate to provide optimum level of patient care with advanced medical excellence and expertise. Our specialists are highly-qualified in various branches of medicine and possess years of knowledge and experience in treating illnesses and diseases. We believe in treating the cause rather than the symptoms and give the most appropriate medical advice so that you recieve the best for your health. 

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Patients' Experience

 Get an insight into the inspirational recovery of our patients through our  medical facilities.

" The hospital staff is very helpful and caring. Dr. Nabil is a very compassionate and understanding doctor who has always been supporting and guiding me from the diagnosis through recovery."


Mohammad Adel

Tyler smith

" The doctors & nurses are kind and give the full information that I need. Very clean and hygienic. The receptionists especially at OG (Obstetrics & Gynecology) are very attentive."


Jacob Dansky


" Good experience with the Urology department. They respect the time of the patient. You will feel comfortable and taken care of. I always visit this hospital for any concern. "


Francis Yoland


" I had been a patient of Dr. Ferdos and am really thankful to her caring and kind behaviour throughout the treatment. She did not get tired of my questions and really took care of everything. "


Nadia Mahmoud


British Day Surgical Centre Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 Next to Life Pharmacy, Dubai UAE.

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