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We offer detailed diagnosis and treatment for all medical issues. You can also consult our expert doctors to find out the most suitable treatment for your medical condition.

Male Impotence

Stay home and stay safe while our fully equipped lab tech team comes to you to collect samples for testing.

STD/ STI Testing

We offer the most dependable, trusted and confidential STD / STI Testing for commonly-occurring STD diseases. 

vasectomy reversal

Step in to undo a vasectomy through a quick-recovery treatment by our expert doctors and surgeons. 

circumcision using laser

Circumcision Using Laser

Laser circumcision is more effective than traditional methods as it offers minimum pain and bleeding besides aiding in quicker recovery. 

urinary problems

Urinary Tract Issues

We offer effective, result-oriented treatments for Prostate, Kidney Stones, Diabetes, Urinary Infections and other disorders. 

laser lithotripsy

Laser Treatment for Kidney Stones

Our Laser Lithotripsy offers quick recovery and less pain. It is a less risky procedure that breaks kidney stones into tiny pieces that pass out through urine. 

A combined team of Gynecologist & Urologist will conduct thorough investigation for the couple for optimum results.

Our highly-qualified surgeons from various fields of medicine possess years of expertise in general surgery.

Our facility is well-equipped with the latest and advanced laser technology that aids in various surgeries with precision.

Wide experience specialist in pre and post delivery services, fertility, hormones

Wide experience specialist in sexual dysfunction and fertility

Male Impotence

Cure faster and get the right treatment for ED and other male infertility problems with complete attention and intimacy.

British Urology Day Surgical Center Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 Next to Life Pharmacy, Dubai UAE., Dubai,  

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British Urology Center

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