Laser Treatment for Kidney Stones

Kidney stone laser treatment is an advanced medical procedure to remove stones present inside the kidney or ureter by means of laser beams. Popular as Laser Lithotripsy in Dubai, this treatment involves a minimal invasive method to disintegrate kidney stones by inserting a ureteroscope through the patient's urinary tract. As the ureteroscope consists of flexible optical fibres, it is a highly safe treatment procedure. Using laser treatment for kidney stones has proven to be highly effective as the small fragments of the tones after breaking easily gets excreted through the patient’s urine.

Kidney stones develop when the urine comprises an excess of minerals such as oxalate, uric acid and calcium. Laser Lithotripsy is highly effective in the effective treatment of stones that may occur inside the urinary tract, as this can cause blockage based on its size. Availing quick laser treatments is vital as this blockage causes accumulation of urine in the kidney, which can further deteriorate the organ.

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment Dubai

Laser Lithotripsy Process

Pre-Treatment Tips

Before getting a kidney stone laser treatment, it is essential to properly observe fasting at least six hours prior. Also, the patient must only consume clear liquids like water two hours before going for Laser Lithotripsy in Dubai. He/she might also need to undergo various physical examination, urine or blood tests, and imaging, which let the surgeon understand your body condition.

In The Process

After administering general anesthesia, the surgeon will insert a ureteroscope that is a flexible tube mounted with a camera and tiny light to spot the kidney stones. While performing laser treatment for kidney stones, the stone gets fragmented into tiny bits that smoothly get expelled during the treatment or when the patient urinates later in few weeks.

Post-Treatment Procedure

After Laser Lithotripsy, it is natural to feel a little discomfort as the anesthesia effect vanishes. While in some cases, a stent will be placed in the ureter to ease urine flow, which might also cause uneasiness. The surgeon will prescribe proper medications to relax the pain and discomfort after kidney stone laser treatment in Dubai.

Types of Kidney Stones

  • The common type in which laser treatment for kidney stones will be effective is calcium-based stones such as calcium oxalate or phosphate stones. Extreme urine saturation because of reduced hydration or severe disorders in intestines, parathyroid glands and kidneys often leads to this kidney stone formation.
  • The uric acid-based ones that develops due to excess intake of protein-rich diet or if the person has excess uric acid content in the blood.
  • Struvite stones are complex cases where you might require laser treatment for kidney stones as these are usually large in size that fills the kidneys.
  • Cystine stones develop due to a hereditary condition called cystinuria, in which an excessive amount of amino acids are released by the kidney.

Risks of Kidney Stone Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for kidney stones is considered an extremely safe medical method involving fewer risks in Dubai. However, the patient should immediately contact the doctor if they experience the following signs after Laser Lithotripsy.


  • Fever
  • Extreme bleeding
  • Vomit or nausea
  • Inability in urination
  • Excess blood in the urine
  • Novel symptoms or worsening of existing symptoms
  • No pain relief even after medication

Kidney Stones Symptoms

The symptoms of kidney stones vary depending on how severe the condition is. The patient may experience waxing and waning of pain, painful urination often, and even a feverish feel. In some cases, you might want to urinate, but only a small amount of urine would come out. Severe symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen, groin or beneath the ribs need to be treated with professional laser treatment for kidney stones.



What Are the Treatment Options?

Shock Wave Lithotripsy

With this kidney stone laser treatment, the stone gets disintegrated into tiny units by targeting high-energy shock waves externally on the patient's body.


During Laser Lithotripsy, a ureteroscope is inserted through the urethra to reach the ureter in order to achieve effective diagnosis and laser treatment of kidney stones.


This highly successful kidney stone laser treatment method in Dubai involves the elimination of stones directly from the organ by creating a tiny incision on the back.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Using specialized tools inserted via small cuts made on the body, the stones are pulled out from the ureter in this minimal invasive process of kidney stone treatment.

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