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Among all types of cosmetic surgeries, Liposuction tends to be a popular procedure in Dubai to eliminate fat from different parts of your body. British Day Surgical Centre provides premium quality liposuction services that help remove excess fats from different body parts through a suction method. Liposuction aids in aesthetic improvement through easy and quick fat transfer from the specific targeted area. With our long experience in cosmetic surgery, our qualified surgeons and certified medical professionals offer reliable liposuction services in the UAE. Our highly result-oriented liposuction services can be availed by both men and women.


Also widely known as Lipo or Lipoplasty, Liposuction Dubai is an effective body contouring method as per your aesthetic needs. Although not a substitute for weight loss exercise or diet, it can help you become slim and reshape your body. Using advanced technology, this fat transfer method enables every client to get a personalized liposuction treatment based on their specific requirements. We have a well-built aesthetic clinic with deluxe rooms and high-end facilities to offer liposuction services with complete comfort to all our clients.

Target Areas for Fat Transfer

Our efficient liposuction treatment in Dubai can be conducted anywhere across the body. However, lipoplasty treatments are commonly sought for the following body parts.

  • Upper arms
  • Ankles
  • Calves
  • Thigh area
  • Cheek
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest surface
  • Abdomen
  • Hip area
  • Flanks and waist
  • Buttocks

Are You The Ideal Candidate?

Like every medical treatment, liposuction treatment in Dubai also requires the individual to be a non-smoker with normal physical and mental health. In order to undergo fat transfer from any body part, the overall weight of the person has to be under 30% of the ideal weight according to their body characteristics. It is also highly suitable if the candidate has a firm and elastic form of skin with stubborn fat accumulation that cannot be removed through exercise.


How Does The Process Work?

When a person gains weight in a certain body part, this is caused by an increase in the volume of the fat cells in those parts. Liposuction treatment in Dubai is conducted through different fat transfer techniques to reduce these large fatty cells. The best-suited method will be chosen based on the treatment area, desired results and the patient’s liposuction history. The amount of fat cells removal is based on the body part to be treated and the extent of fat transfer required. After the excess fat cells get eliminated, the body skin will mould back into the new contours created by Liposuction.


Preparation Tips

In order to get efficient fat transfer results, consulting an expert liposuction surgery clinic in Dubai is essential. You have to provide complete details of your aesthetic surgeries to let us offer the best services. By precise analysis of medical history, our trained surgeons will clearly evaluate your bodily conditions and current medications to avoid any side effects after completion of the Liposuction procedures. The time duration required for the process is mostly one to four hours, but it also depends upon the extend of fat transfer to be done.


What You Should Know About Liposuction


Before liposuction Dubai, the patient will be given anesthesia such as local, general or intravenous anesthesia in the body part to be treated. The type will depend on the fat transfer procedure that you require.

During Surgery

For fat transfer Dubai, a tiny incision will be made on your body to insert a cannula. With this thin tube, the excess fat will be loosened and then sucked out.


After successful completion of liposuction surgery, the recovery time may vary depending on the procedure type. You may experience pain and bulging on the body surface during the initial days.

Fat Transfer Results

As the surgery will create a tiny cut over the skin, there would be mild pains, bruises or swelling in that area for few days post the treatment. Our surgeons will also prescribe ideal medication that can help decrease the pain as well as antibiotics to prevent any infections. Few weeks into the healing period, the bulkiness of the body part decreases, and you get the desired fat reduction results. With proper diet control measures, this liposuction surgery results in Dubai can last for long.



Before undergoing treatment for fat transfer in Dubai, it should be noted that Liposuction also involves certain risk elements. If you choose a specialized liposuction surgeon, the following risk factors can be avoided to some extent:


  • Severe bruises
  • Inflammation
  • Infections
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Irregularities in the contour

Choose the Right Surgeon

Extensive Experience

With long experience in offering effective fat transfer treatment in Dubai, our surgeons are experts in the field.


Our team of professional surgeons hold respective board certifications that prove their qualification and expertise.

Eye for

We have a qualified team who perform liposuction surgery in Dubai with clear precision to gain accurate results.

Understands Specific Concerns

Through a clear understanding of every fat transfer requirement, our expert practitioners offer personalized lipoplasty.

FAQ – Liposuction Treatment

  • How much fat can be removed through Liposuction Dubai?

    Usually, liposuction surgeries can effectively remove around five litres of fat from a person’s body. However, this will mainly be influenced by factors such as the patient’s weight, body fat per cent, and the desired results.

  • Is liposuction fat transfer Dubai costly?

    Liposuction treatment is widely considered to be a worthy aesthetic procedure. The cost of various treatments will depend on the treatment area, type of procedure required, among others. We offer liposuction surgeries at the lowest prices in the UAE.

  • How can I choose the best liposuction treatment for myself?

    Liposuction can aid in eliminating excessive fat from different body parts. The best suitable treatment for fat transfer Dubai will be determined by a qualified surgeon by first understanding your bodily characteristic to recommend the ideal liposuction surgery.

  • Are liposuction surgeries really effective?

    With a healthy diet and regular workout for a long period, people can achieve the desired figure. However, shedding some stubborn fats from certain areas like your abdomen will be very difficult. Liposuction is an effective method to easily remove tough fats in a quick manner.

  • Will my skin become saggy after Liposuction Dubai?

    This mainly depends on the elasticity of the person’s skin. Although Liposuction will efficiently suck out fat cells from the treated area, skin contraction to get into the new contour is based on the elastic nature of the skin.

  • Do liposuction surgeries cause severe pain?

    As liposuction Dubai involves a tiny incision on the body, the doctors will administer anesthesia to ease the process. As the anesthesia effect fades, the patient may sense pain and soreness across the treated body surface in the days following the surgery. This might exist for about four weeks and then reduce with time.

  • Will liposuction surgeries leave scars in the treated area?

    In patients with good elastic skin, it would automatically contract into the newer contours and leave a smooth body surface. We offer liposuction surgeries Dubai using tiny cannulas and thus avoid scars over the skin surface.

  • When will I be able to perform workouts after fat transfer Dubai?

    You can move and start your day quickly after the surgery. Often the individuals can start with normal exercises after 10 to 14 days. To enhance the healing effect, it is highly recommended to walk for two miles the very next day of the treatment.

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